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The project involves replacing 70 outdated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units, known as RTUs, in a middle school. The goal of the project is to improve energy management, heating and cooling capabilities, and overall efficiency.

One of the main reasons for replacing the RTUs in the middle school is that the existing units are over 25 years old. According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the lifecycle of a roof-mounted HVAC unit is typically 15-20 years. Therefore, the existing units in the middle school have exceeded their expected lifespan and are likely to be less efficient and less reliable than newer models.

Another challenge of these projects is always time constraints. Replacing 70 RTUs in a short amount of time can be difficult, as it requires coordinating with the school and scheduling the replacements around classes and other activities. Another challenge is finding suitable replacements for the RTUs that meet the project goals of energy management, excellent heating and cooling capabilities, and efficiency. To identify suitable replacements for the RTUs, NSC’s team of knowledgable project leaders made calculations and determine the best options. After considering a range of options, the team concluded that Fraser Johnston rooftop units would be the most suitable for the task. These units are known for their energy-efficient design and reliable performance, making them a good choice for the middle school’s needs.

Overall, the project aims to improve the heating and cooling capabilities of the middle school, while also reducing energy consumption and costs. By successfully replacing the RTUs, the school can expect to see improved comfort for students and staff, as well as long-term savings on energy bills.

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Assisted Living

McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff

Location of project: North Kansas City, MO
Engineer of record: Richard J Shea, P.E., Custom Engineering
Mechanical Contractor of record: Edwards McDowell Inc.
Project Description: Newly constructed 87,000 square foot senior living community.
Equipment: 122 Ton Samsung DVMS heat recovery VRF system providing full building HVAC conditioning comprised of 8 individual systems. In addition, an Atherian DOAS system was utilized to provide outside air.


Hotel St. Louis

Location: 705 Olive Street, St Louis, Missouri
Mechanical Contractor: Jarrell Contracting
Mechanical Engineer: Jarrell Contracting
Architect: Checkmate Design
General Contractor: BSI
Description: Complete renovation and transformation of Architect Louis Sullivan’s Union Trust building originally constructed in 1892. Building repurposed for 140 room boutique hotel, 15 luxury apartments, 2 restaurants, ballroom and full service spa.
Equipment Installed: Hotel portion of the building heated and cooled by 242 Tons of Samsung DVMS VRF system with 162 Samsung fan coil interior ducted units. In addition, 4 Samsung mini-split units are utilized to condition the mechanical rooms and IT closets. Apartments are conditioned with 16 Allied Commercial 2 ½ split systems.


St Roch Catholic School

St Roch project featured in Samsung Global Education Application Video
Location: St. Louis, MO - Skinker Debaliviere Neighborhood
Mechanical Contractor: Jarrell Contracting
General Contractor: BSI
Description: Providing full heating and cooling of school classrooms, cafeteria, offices, and gymnasium.
Equipment Installed: Main school and cafeteria heated and cooled by 88 tons of Samsung DVMS VRF system with multiple configurations of Samsung ducted and cassette units. Gymnasium conditioned with 2 Allied Commercial 20 ton rooftop units.


Greely County Court House

Location: Greeley County Kansas
Mechanical Contractor: P1 Group
Engineer: Willdan Performance Engineering
Description: Providing full heating and cooling of Courtrooms, Police, DMV, office space, and 911 call center.
Equipment Installed: The project used the Samsung DVMS Water system, coupled to a ground source water loop. Data Management Server was used to interface ERVs and provide upper-level controls. Total nominal capacity is 40 tons. As a consequence of placing the DVMS water units in the basement, alongside the ground source pumps, no mechanical equipment is visible from the exterior of the building.


Creve Coeur, Missouri - New Construction

Contractor: Midtown Heating and Cooling
Description: Custom built 6,400 square foot home. Owner desired an extremely energy efficient HVAC system matched with the comfort of multiple zones of heating and cooling throughout the home.
Equipment Installed: 13 Tons of single phase Samsung HVAC Eco VRF system. Indoor air handlers consisted of both ducted and cassette style depending on the use of the space.


Studio 804

Location of project: Lawrence, Kansas
Architect: University of Kansas School of Architecture and Design
Project Overview: This LEED Platinum Certified property was designed and constructed by Distinguished Professor Dan Rockhill and the graduate students of the University of Kansas, Master of Architecture program. The project utilizes re-purposed building materials while incorporating advanced building technologies targeting sustainable goals. The highly efficient Samsung HVAC systems, coupled with an 18-panel solar array is designed to achieve net-zero energy use.
Equipment Involved: The main home is conditioned by a Samsung ECO Heat Pump Condensing Unit paired with Slim Duct and Whisper Fan Coil units. A Fantech energy recovery ventilator is utilized for outside air requirements. The property’s accessory dwelling is conditioned with a Samsung Smart Whisper Mini-Split.

Health Care

Crider Health Center

Providing superior medical care with Samsung Electronics’ DVM S Heat Recovery

Crider Health Center, part of the non-profit healthcare organization Compass Health Network, partners with other local agencies and governmental entities to provide a full continuum of behavioral health services and support primary and dental health services to citizens in St. Charles, Missouri.

The building acquired for the Crider Health Center was equipped with old rooftop HVAC units and ductwork. The design team of LNB Architecture and Interiors realized that the HVACs were a key issue for their client. They desired to eliminate the transfer of germs and airborne viruses from one space to another through the ductwork while ensuring the comfort of their clients and office through individual control of spaces. Clients in the owner’s other facilities complained of being cold, while the medical staff felt too warm and uncomfortable at nursing stations and in their offices. The facility had to be quiet and not impacted by loud rooftop units cycling on and off. Finally, Ritter Engineering was given the responsibility to ensure that operating utility costs were low, and to secure a rebate for energy savings from Ameren UE, the local utility provider. Fortunately, NSC Applied Products Group (APG), the St. Louis based Samsung HVAC specification representative, got in touch with both LNB and Ritter Engineering. Based on the needs of the client and the information presented by NSC APG, the Crider design team decided to explore the Samsung DVM S variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system as the basis of design for the project.

Many of the benefits of the Samsung DVM S system matched the client’s needs for their intended HVAC systems. The design team worked with NSC APG to select the Samsung 4-way cassette and 1-way cassette to ensure air from one space was not transferred to another through ductwork. Due to its zoning capabilities, Samsung’s DVM S Heat Recovery technology allows users to adjust individual climate settings, making it a perfect fit for the medical center featuring 10 operating rooms, as well as 125 individual offices and examination rooms. Samsung DVM S features several smart technologies that combine world-class energy efficiency and economy to achieve a superior 38.2 Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER). LNB and Ritter Engineering were both very impressed with the low sound levels of the Samsung HVAC system that exceeded the client’s expectations of what a quiet space should be. In summary, the Crider design team has found that the Samsung DVM S system delivers virtually invisible heating and cooling with maximum occupant comfort without transferring germs throughout the facility. All while saving the client money in utility bills.


Merchant’s Pub and Plate

Location: Massachusetts Street, Lawrence Kansas
Mechanical Contractor: Scott Temperature Equipment
Description: A mechanical system upgrade to a historical building. The VRF System harvests heat energy from the kitchen and upper level dining area to heat the lower level dining and vestibule in the winter, as well as provide cooling all summer.
Equipment Installed: The project used the Samsung DVMS Air source Heat recovery.

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