The APG Process

Our Process


  • Establish the Load
  • Determine Ventilation Requirements
  • Calculate Allowable Refrigerant Weight

All projects are different. Often the engineer of record relies heavily on NSC APG to support their design efforts. On other projects, NSC APG is simply utilized to verify their analysis.


  • Make Appropriate Equipment Selection
  • Develop the Energy Modeling
  • Predict the System Operating Cost

Once the use of the space is determined and consideration is given for the comfort of the building occupants, the HVAC equipment can then be applied. Energy modeling can predict operating cost in order to ensure that original assumptions on building design are feasible monetarily.


  • Provide Contractor Training
  • Inspect the Jobsite Installation
  • Contractor Support of Equipment Startup and Commissioning
  • Assist with System Controls and Networking
  • Complete Owner Training

NSC-APG minimizes project risk by training and supporting the field installation team. This ensures that equipment is installed as designed and that changes are made appropriately.