Supporting The
Facility Manager &
Building Owners

NSC Applied Product group works with building owners and facility managers every day to answer the following:

Does the purpose of your building, and general function of HVAC equipment align and support its occupants?

Regardless of the type of business or institution, studies show the performance of humans occupying a space is significantly impacted by their ability to tailor their conditioned environment.

  • Students learn better within a properly maintained  indoor climate
  • Doctors can have increased focus on their patients in a comfortable environment
  • Hotel guests should relax and not notice the rooms temperature or humidity

Is it your building making everyone sick?

Sick building syndrome is real, and humans created it. If we choose to ignore humidity levels, accept a network of ducting that collects and redistributes air throughout the building, and ignore ventilation requirements, the consequences are predictable.

Have you forecasted the most appropriate way to invest in HVAC to meet your financial objectives?

Over the lifespan of a building, the cost associated with occupant salaries often exceeds 100 times the combined cost of original construction, taxes, maintenance, and consumed energy (Managing Energy and Comfort. ASHRAE Journal. June 2008). For this reason, first cost of an HVAC system is not always the decision metric. Priority should be given to the design that factors in first cost AND the design that provides the lowest life-cycle cost.

Is your building HVAC broken? We can help.

  • NSC-APG is historically a consultant to the Engineering Design and Mechanical design/build Communities.
  • Our projects are successful because we want to know what the people inside your building do! Who is uncomfortable, and why.
  • Our experienced team is made up of engineers, LEED accredited individuals, and design professionals with over 100 years of combined HVAC experience.
  • We will listen to you and propose real solutions, that have your best interests in mind.
  • Our approach to HVAC has attracted the attention and provided us access to other forward thinkers in the world.
    • We have access to the most advanced HVAC technology available.
    • We can assist you in selecting the right engineering and installing partners for your project.

  • Project Budgeting
  • Energy assessments/ROI estimates
  • Project management
  • Design and Installation team selection
  • Start-up and Commissioning of all equipment
  • Training your staff

We offer complete system design that starts with establishing the purpose of the space in need of conditioning, and total collaboration with the engineer of record. We select the appropriate equipment (VRF – Ductless –Traditional Unitary – Dedicated Outside Air Equipment) that best serves the use of the space.
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We endorse the following brands…
Samsung HVAC Logo

Samsung, because:

  • Global innovator of ductless technology
  • Had US presence for over 18 years
  • Currently in their 5th generation of VRF technology with DVMS
  • Provides top class energy efficiency and capacity for all climates
  • Unsurpassed controls and user interface technology
Addison Air

Addison Ventilation, because:

  • Innovation design awards
  • American Made!
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Tempmaster, because:

  • Manufactured by johnson Controls Incorporated.
  • Equipment Assembled in Kansas and Oklahoma
  • Highly Sophisticated Controls Package

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