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Samsung HVAC

Samsung HVAC

DVM S2 is the latest generation of Samsung VRF systems boasting industry leading efficiencies and artificial intelligence (AI) for low refrigerant monitoring. The DVM S2 is available up to 20 ton modules in both heat pump and heat recovery with overall individual system capacity of up to 40 tons.

Addison Air


A leader in dedicated outside air solutions (DOAS), Addison delivers best in class solutions up to 140 tons for safer, healthier, and more productive indoor environments. Addison DOAS equipment can come in both rooftop and modular splits system designs.



TempMaster provides the full range of packaged rooftop units (RTUs) from 3 to 150 tons. All units are manufactured in JCI’s Norman, Oklahoma state-of-the-art facility. Currently, NSC APG stocks these units up to 15 tons in St Louis (also in new Lenexa facility starting May 1st) for quick replacement opportunities.



Quantech (manufactured by JCI) water and air-cooled scroll chiller line is supported by NSC APG’s knowledgeable engineering staff and qualified technical field support staff. Quantech focuses on strong delivery times matched with industry-leading efficiency and proven quality of performance.

CaptiveAir Paragon

CaptiveAire Paragon

The CaptiveAire Paragon DOAS system is bult on 45 years of HVAC experience. These units offer exceptional energy savings and precise humidity control at an attractive first cost. The Paragon truly shines in the low to midrange CFM applications of 6 to 50 tons.

Cultiva Systems

Cultiva Systems

Cultiva provides dedicated indoor agriculture systems (DIAS) HVAC equipment designed specifically to handle the varying loads that occur with the grow environment throughout the entire plant life cycle. Cultiva equipment is specifically designed DIAS equipment for this environment vs. being modified from an existing commercial DOAS unit.

Samsung DVM Chiller

Samsung DVM Chillers

Samsung’s innovative VRF chiller provides a chilled water solution combined with the benefits of VRF technology: high energy efficiency, compact size and greatly reduced noise output. This modular chiller system is available in 15 ton and 20 ton units with an overall capacity of 240 tons.

BOSCH Boilers

BOSCH Boilers

Bosch boilers are designed to deliver the highest quality, flexibility and dependability in the industry. They offer a small footprint with minimal clearance requirements and output ranges up to 8912 MBH.



The Bosch water source heat pump (aka Florida Heat Pump) is a full line of high-quality commercial equipment for common water loop and geothermal applications. They are an ideal choice for all size projects due to their ability to fit in tight retrofit spaces and their capacity of ½ to 60 tons.



Oxbox keeps it simple and affordable, giving you quality heating and coolingoptions thet won’t break the bank.

Delta Controls

Delta Controls

The Delta Controls product family offers a wide range of control solutions that are cost-effective and scalable. With best-in-class wireless and cloud-hosted building automation systems, Delta Controls has the technology needed to meet even the most rapidly changing requirements.



Swegon’s flagship GOLD RX is a complete air handling unit and recovers heat and cooling energy through variable speed control for rotary heat exchanger and direct-driven supply air and extract air fans. These units boast temperature efficiency up to 85% and air flows up to 16,300 cfm.

United CoolAIR

United CoolAir

United CoolAir has been providing indoor and ventilation HVAC products since 1988. Their unique AlphaAire packaged DOAS system is mounted indoors, vertical or horizontal, ready to ship in 2 weeks, with no line sets, no field brazing, evacuating, or charging.

Energy Wall

ENergy Wall

  • 300-6000CFM


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